Wouldn’t it be nice if Rocklin had a place like the Harris Center?

…because right now we all need something to smile and dream about.

Introducing the…


Imagine having a professional performing arts and cultural center

The purpose of the PlacerPACC is to provide a relaxing venue to enjoy all your cultural interests. Not just plays and musicals, but also art exhibits, informative presentations, and even culinary arts. We envision a multi-purpose facility for everyone, young and old, that reflects all of Placer County. Centered on the intersection of I-80 and Highway 65, Rocklin is a perfect location that shares 225,000 educated people with Lincoln, Loomis, and Roseville.

Why Rocklin is PERFECT for a Performing Arts and Cultural Center!

It’s not just about plays and musicals. Our vision for Placer PACC includes art exhibits. A venue for choral groups. Interesting speakers and lecturers. We have 12 wineries in Placer County that would jump for the chance to do a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. We...

Community Leaders Say Yes!

“No great achievements are reached without great vision and determination. While it’s easy to become mired in details and hurdles, “dreaming big” is the first step towards something magnificent. Rocklin is fortunate to have an engaged and refined community – holding great pride for what it calls “home.” Expanding art and culture with the addition of a Placer Performing Arts and Cultural Center complements what our community has already achieved, greatly enhancing quality of life. In addition to cultural enrichment, Rocklin would also benefit from healthy economic development, especially for its small businesses.”

Scott Yuill

Rocklin small business owner, former mayor, and three-term councilmember

“I support the creation of a Rocklin Performing Arts and Cultural Center as a good addition to our community activities.  Many positives will be generated by this center.”

Carol Peterson

Community Leader

“The creation of a Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Rocklin would be great addition to our maturing community.  It would provide a central point for cultural and artistic activities for our citizens and could draw people from other areas to support our businesses.  As we have grown, we have added new parks, schools and businesses.  A Performing Arts and Cultural Center is a logical expansion of community based activities in a high quality city like Rocklin.”

Peter Hill

Former Rocklin mayor and long-time city council member

“I’m excited about the possibility of a www.placerrep.org. This has the potential to be a catalyst for culture, improved economic development, and a place for our regional community to gather and enjoy a shared experience”

Michele Vass

President of Rocklin Friends of the Library and Community Leader

“Rocklin has a unique opportunity to support a privately funded Performing Arts and Cultural Center. Rocklin is centrally located in South Placer County with a diverse, well educated population and has a chance to create a niche in the local entertainment community. I support Roger’s efforts.”

Ken Yorde

Former mayor and long-time city council member

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Meet the people behind the scenes

Our Advisory Committee Members

Roger S. Peterson

Want to help out?

Teresa Stirling Forsyth

Other Advisory Committee Members:

Peter Hill, former mayor/councilman
Scott Yuill, former mayor/councilman
Tess Forsyth, Founder/Director, Placer Repertory Theater Company
Tamra Rogers, Owner/Artistic Director, The Stage & Tamraloo Studios, Lincoln

Interested in helping out?

Contact: Roger S. Peterson