Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the city of Rocklin funding this thing?

A: This is a private project. The only thing we’ll ask the city of Rocklin for is a 5-8 acre empty piece of land.

Q: This sounds mighty expensive! Why would we want to put city resources into something that, well, is quite idealistic and risky? We are already in deep doo doo over Quarry Adventure.

A: Three reasons! First, we predict the theater will be very popular based on a survey we conducted throughout Placer County, justifying the resources put towards the construction of the theater. Additionally, after careful examination of the effects of similar projects in comparable cities, we have concluded that the theater will likely lead to economic growth in the county. In other words, many businesses in the area will benefit from the introduction of the new theater, allowing them to expand and improve their products and services for the good of the community. Finally, building a new theater in Rocklin would increase the city’s prowess as a cultural center, thus escalating local home values. All of this combined with the future operational stability of Quarry Adventure will bolster the economy. As for Quarry Adventure Park, it was breaking even when Covid-19 shut things down. But any product goes through a cycle, from brand awareness to brand trial to brand loyalty. Quarry Adventure is still in the awareness stage. And it is not a packaged-goods product that can be picked off the shelf. Rather, it is a complex piece of land that people must go to. People have to give it a chance. They did Disneyland.


Q: Hey, there's already too much traffic in Rocklin. This will make it even worse!

A: Performances are typically in the evenings, and chiefly on weekends, including matinees. Such a center would have zero impact on commute hour traffic.  Likewise, art exhibits would be evening and weekend activities.

Q: Hey, Rocklin has an events center, a huge one, right on Sunset, a major connecting street! What’s wrong with that for performances?

A: When’s the last time you saw a play there? It has a stage…but it’s not a theater with theatrical lighting.


Q: Wait a minute…we have the Rocklin Community Theater operating out of a city property, Finn Hall, and they pay the city to use. We can’t do something to compete with RCT!

A: RCT is aimed at youth acting with some local amateur adult actors. They do a great job. Most of the performances are aimed at children and youth. Take Note Troupe is another theater company in town. But consider this: Three theaters in town build critical mass and enhance Rocklin’s image for theater goers. Think of malls, for example. They have many stores for a reason: to attract all kinds of people. Any repertory theater company would have professional actors and the performances would be aimed at adults. The RPACC displays would include a RCT promotion and schedule of performances, too. Patrons of a repertory theater would be given promotional flyers for all RCT performances….why not? They are not competitors.

Q: I don’t go to plays much now. Why should I care?

A: Having Rocklin identified as a cultural and performing arts destination greatly improves the image of the city and thus its housing valuations. What’s more, such a center greatly adds educational opportunities for children and adolescents.

Q: But a performing arts and cultural center… what’s in it for me and my family?

A: In every case study of a city or suburb that developed such a facility, other retail and hospitality businesses wanted in. That’s beginning to happen right now in central Rocklin. Quarry Adventure has prompted inquiries from businesses that might consider opening near the zip lines. You might not attend a play, you might not tie yourself to a zip line, but you might  want to go to the new restaurants the RPACC will attract.

Q: Hey! I see this becoming a multi-million bond issue laid down on Rocklin voters heads. We are taxed enough.

A: No, the funding we would go after would be private foundations, state grants, county grants and maybe federal arts funds. The only thing the city would have to come up with is offering a currently ugly, vacant, weedy lot of 5-8 acres where a building could be constructed. Ideally a quiet place. Ideally, one situated to encourage more restaurants and maybe another hotel. A day trip to the Sierra Repertory Theater in Sonora costs about $400 in tickets, hotel, and meals. Rocklin could have that revenue, those sales tax dollars. The difference between Sonora and Rocklin? Sonora: 5,000 people. Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis: 225,000 people conveniently located on the intersection of two major highways. Do the math.

Why Rocklin is PERFECT for a Performing Arts and Cultural Center!

It’s not just about plays and musicals. Our vision for Placer PACC includes art exhibits. A venue for choral groups. Interesting speakers and lecturers. We have 12 wineries in Placer County that would jump for the chance to do a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. We...

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