Learn About Our Planned Uses

What we will offer

We plan to offer large open spaces with dozens of seats, amazing acoustics, and great lighting. Perfect performances, art exhibit, recitals, lectures, speakers, wine tasting and more!

Why Rocklin is PERFECT for a Performing Arts and Cultural Center!

It’s not just about plays and musicals. Our vision for Placer PACC includes art exhibits. A venue for choral groups. Interesting speakers and lecturers. We have 12 wineries in Placer County that would jump for the chance to do a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. We envision two theaters, one for...

Our Venue

We have many planned events at our venue!

Performing Arts

Our large halls and great displays will create the perfect venue for hosting performing arts.

Visual Arts Display

Our galleries will be perfect for displaying art. From paintings to sculptures, we will help you display your impressive creations..

Community Events

 Our large halls, huge spaces, and great displays will create a perfect venue for hosting large events, such as Maker Faires. The PACC could also include cubicle offices for various volunteer groups, such as scout troops and fraternal clubs.

Wine Tastings

Wouldn’t it be nice if 12 placer wineries took turns providing refreshments?

Interested in helping out?

Contact: Roger S. Peterson