The mission of www.placerrep.org is to produce educational and culturally enriching professional performing arts and cultural programs relevant to the residents of Placer County, while acting as an economic engine for the area. We are partnering with the Placer Performing Arts and Cultural Center to help ensure it is a success!


Performing Arts

Provide high quality performing arts for the residents in the area to enjoy.

Professional Status

Transition local technical, performing and visual arts
personnel from training programs to professional employment.

Community Partnership

Engage residents, reflect the interests of our local
audience, build and maintain community pride.


Employ local residents,
support local businesses and nonprofit organizations through partnership and patronage.


    Participate in the growth of the theater and help promote a culturally enriching future


    Donate a portion of your time to spreading a positive culture throughout the community


    Help support the growth of new cultural experiences in Placer!

    Partners enjoy free marketing and promotions

    Social Media

    Free promotion through social media and emails

    Curtain Speech

    Enjoy free promotion during the curtain speech

    Preshow Performances

    By your group for our audiences

    Gallery Exhibit

    Curated gallery exhibit to promote our partners


    Collaboration and co-marketing opportunities

    Interested in helping out?

    Contact: Roger S. Peterson


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