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We can’t take contributions until all the legalities are set up. But we can use your support… especially as board members.


 Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our cultural center

Generous support from Rocklin High School has helped lay the ground-work for the RPACC. This website is courtesy of Rocklin high school’s Web Development team.

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This website is generously hosted by LOJO marketing. Without support from LOJO, a Rocklin based company, the RPACC wouldn’t be possible.

Visit Website will put on many of the plays. The PRTC will fill the halls of the RPACC with their music and entertainment.

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Why Sponsor Us?

As a community project, this Performing Arts and Cultural Center is meant to give to the community. In turn, we need support from the community to help us stay open. 

  • Sponsorship will lead to advertising to your company.
  • We need your support to keep us open.
  • What’s good for Rocklin is what’s good for you.


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Contact: Roger S. Peterson