Who's Helping?

Friends of The Placer Performing Arts & Cultural Center

Peter Hill, former mayor/councilman
Scott Yuill, former mayor/councilman
Jerry Mitchell, former mayor/councilman
Ken Yorde, former city councilman
Paul Ruhkala, historic Rocklin family, former city councilman
Gene Johnson, historic Rocklin family, community leader
Tess Forsyth, Founder, Placer Repertory Theater Company
Carol Peterson, Rocklin community leader
Francine Yorde, community leader
Michele Vass, President, Rocklin Friends of the Library
Rita Peterson, Rocklin Friends of the Library
Michelle Sutherland, Rocklin Unified School Board
Shawn Spiess, Choral Director, Rocklin High School
Twiana Armstrong-Bryant, Rocklin Chamber Board of Directors
Jim Hammes, President, Rocklin Historical Society
George Salgado, Vice President, Rocklin Historical Society
Anne Brown, Executive Director, Auburn Symphony
Michelle Flowers, Placer Theatre Ballet
Tamra Rogers, Owner/Artistic Director, The Stage & Tamraloo Studios, Lincoln
Natalie Quilici, Choreographer/Operation Manager, Tamraloo Studios
Jen Bradford, Owner/ Artistic Director, Northern California Dance Conservatory
Anne Merino, screenwriter, choreographer, adjunct faculty William Jessup University
Jasmine Partida, theatrical scenic artist
Matthew Heyer, professional performer
Carlos Urrutia, former Rocklin city manager
Vivian Haley
Donna Holmes
Millie Yan
Paula Cohen
Betty Cole
Amanda Meade

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