It’s not just about plays and musicals. Our vision for Placer PACC includes art exhibits. A venue for choral groups. Interesting speakers and lecturers. We have 12 wineries in Placer County that would jump for the chance to do a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. We envision two theaters, one for the future and another theater for local community performances.

But having a Placer PACC is also about the image of Rocklin as a place to live…and enjoyMoney magazine already includes Rocklin among the 100 best cities in America to live. We have more parks and recreation areas per 1000 residents than most cities in California. Our schools outrank most of the state. Rocklin is one of the safest cities in California. All these factors boost property values. And, if we added the proposed Placer PACC, restaurants and retail and hotels will follow…all generating sales tax revenue for our city.

A Case Study of Success

“Arts and cultural spending has a ripple effect on the overall economy, boosting both commodities and jobs. For example, for every 100 jobs created from new demand for the arts, 62 additional jobs are also created.” (National Endowment of the Arts)

  • Non-local attendees spend twice as much locally per person, per event as their local counterparts.
  • In 2014, cultural organizations in the Central Puget Sound region and their patrons generated $2.4 billion in business activity
  • Ticket sales only account for one-third of a person’s spending, with the remaining two-thirds spent in restaurants, transportation, hotels, retail shops and child care.
  • Sierra Repertory Theater Company has been a staple of Sonora, California’s destination appeal for 40 years. Sonora, located deep in the Motherlode, has a population of only 5,000. Yet SRT operates two theaters, one in East Sonora and one in Columbia State Park’s Fallon Theater. According to their managing director, of the 45,000 ticker buyers each year, 70% of them are from outside Tuolumne County. With average tickets at $45 each, that yields annual revenues of $2,000,000+ for SRT, not to mention hotel and restaurant revenues after the show. Do the math!
  • Participation in cultural activity directly correlates to an increase in civic engagement, including voting, volunteering, and charitable work, as documented by the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Over 90% of those surveyed rated cultural activity as highly important to the region’s identity.
  • Approximately 30% of the economic impacts in our four-county region are coming from funding sources and patrons outside the region. New money = funds that come here only due to the activities of local cultural institutions. Patrons are responsible for 75% of these new money impacts. Cultural tourism is an economic driver. Non-local spending is three times higher than that of local patrons – showing that cultural organizations are generating additional income for the region.

So come on up on stage right now and be earn your applause early as we start to seek the grants to get it built. Our aim: 2030…maybe sooner.